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Attention Willowbrook Members: Reserve our Indoor Golf Simulators

At Willowbrook Country Club we give you the finest virtual golfing experience to our members. Golf the world’s best courses with 1 of our 2 golf simulators. With brand new, state of the art technology for realistic simulations at world-class courses. Book your tee time today! 


Available for a limited time only during the winter months

Simulator Information

A reminder that simulator reservations are charged in 1 hour increments, with entry fees set accordingly. In order to better schedule all the play on the simulator, the following is the amount of time allowed for various group sizes and will be in effect for league play:  



  • Group of 2 (One Team): One hour  

  • Groups of 4 (Two Teams): Will be allotted two hours to complete the 9-hole round.  



*Each two-man 9-hole match will be given 1 hour to complete the 9 holes. Any hole not finished in that time will given a triple bogey.  With normal course set-up, 8′ gimme, and a maximum score of Triple Bogey, all players should be able to comfortably complete the 9 holes while still enjoying themselves.

Simulator Rules


  • All players must wash their ball and clubs prior to each round. Any dirt on either will transfer to the screen. If you do not have a clean ball we will have some for you to use.  

  • No cleats may be worn while using the simulator.

  •  No food or drink in the hitting area.  

  • Only hit from the designated hitting area.  

  • Must be at least 12 years of age to play.

simulator (1).png

Lessons will be available on Simulators

Email Brian Dunaway at to book a time.  



  • Adults  $50/per 1/2 hour

  • Children  $40/per 1/2 hour

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