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Suggestions to help prevent slow play

Holding Golf Clubs

Pace of play

  • Play ready golf! Save discussions for the 19th Hole. 

  • Plan your shot while walking to your ball or while others are playing. 

  • Be Ready to play when it is your turn. 

  • Walk briskly between shots. If riding—select several clubs and proceed to your ball when it is safe. Develop an “eye for distance—don’t step off yardage for every shot. 

  • Go directly to your ball—don’t follow others unless searching for a lost ball. 

  • Be efficient on your pre-shot routine—take only “one” practice swing. 

  • Play a provisional ball if you think your original may be lost or out of bounds.

  •  If your group is searching for a lost ball, signal the group behind to play through if it is apparent the ball cannot easily be found. 

  • Study your putting line while others are putting. 

  • Place clubs on the side of the green where you will exit. 

  • Exit the putting green promptly after holing out. 

  • Do not clean or put your clubs away before entering your cart, do it when you arrive at the next tee box. Mark scores on card after arriving at the next tee box.

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